When thinking of flying, the picture above is not what first comes to mind. For that very reason, I have chosen to acknowledge the merits in the design of the Emirates first-class cabin. As an airline, Emirates has set the bar high for luxury flying and was the first player in this space to offer such luxurious cabin options for first-class passengers. The cabin above features a personal LCD TV, a personal bar, personal PJs, a reclining bed, and most importantly–a private “room”. The cabin also includes a bar lounge that is open to all first-class passengers at all times during the flight. It is clear that Emirates has excelled in transforming the flight experience–that is typically described as uncomfortable, invasive, and problematic–to a pleasant journey. Although I have not had the distinct pleasure of paying the $21,200 it costs to fly in the Emirates first-class cabin, nor do I think I would some day even if I had the money to, I must commend Emirates for catering their services to the premium needs and desires of their clients.