I have been snacking on Fruit by the Foots for as long as I remember-I was the envy of other students in the cafeteria because I would whip out one after every lunch.  Throughout college, I always buy the huge boxes of them at my Costco at home and bring them with me each semester. However, I’ve never thought twice about the design of this fruit snack until just now when I reached for one.  It is unlike any other fruit snack on the market-how could you possibly copy it? There is nothing that compares to it because the design is drastically different from any other fruit snacks, and it would be extremely obvious if you tried to steal the design.  Although it may taste the same as other fruit snacks, it is the design that creates the unique and fun experience.  Originally, they did not have any design built into the snack itself-now, there are cut outs that allow the eater to easily slice the snack into different sections.  The one pictured above is the most popular, but there are others that are in the shapes of waves.  This cutting allows for easier sharing, and also prolonging the experience of eating the Fruit by the Foot, because it takes longer if you eat each strand.