by post_author

This past Saturday night my friend invited me to drink tequila with him and his parents before a night out on the town.  As a college student, I am used to very low quality alcohol because that is all we can afford.  However, when I showed up to his room, he had a bottle of Patrón tequila in his hand and told me that this is the smoothest tequila I will ever had, and then his mother chirped in: “we only got it for the bottle-we want to turn it into a flower holder to dress up this dorm room”.  It was then I realized that the best alcohol comes in the most beautiful bottles, and the careful aesthetic designs of the glass creates its own unique ambience.  The design of the Patrón bottle is easily recognized for its suave and sophisticated shape and its large, rounded cork.  It is easily one of the classiest alcohol bottle designs on the market.

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