Challenge 8: UX

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FoodEase Overview

1. Background

a. Problem
Everyone is always looking for easily digestible information and instant feedback and gratification, and phone applications offer endless possibilities to satisfy this hunger.  In particular, there are hundreds of thousands of fitness and health applications that offer feedback on an individual’s day-to-day health decisions.  Many aim to motivate an individual to establish and maintain a wholesome routine.  However, sometimes the application becomes too clunky, or gets in the way of the flow of the individual’s life.  FoodEase aims fit effortlessly and seamlessly into an individual’s lifestyle.
b. Target User
Anyone who is trying to be more conscious of the food they consume.  
c. Unique value prop
Know what you eat
Instant feedback on what you consume
Simple, quick, efficient way to understand your food
Snap a pic, and we’ll tell you quick, digestible information

Through using a variant of face recognition software, you can take a picture of your food through the camera in FoodEase, and the application will dish out the calorie count and other health information.  FoodEase also provides an easy-to-manage log that recaps your daily intake.

d. Inspiration
1. Facebook: social media platform
   a. Has a built in face-detection software that allows for easy tagging of friends
   b. The function is so easy to use, doesn’t disrupt social media surfing
   c. Can get a bit creepy, but that is because the software is very good and can pick up on minute facial differences among people
2. Sleep Cycle: application that tracks sleep patterns and wakes the individual up during light sleep
a. Does not require any extra work from the user
b. Design is simple and clear
3. My Fitness Pal: currently the best calorie counter app
a. The layout is a bit messy, but it is free
b. You have to take time out of your day to enter in what foods you have eaten
c. You have to know exactly how many calories each food contains
4. Runtastic GPS: application that tracks sport and fitness activities using GPS
a. Like it because it’s hands free and lets the GPS do the work
b. It’s free and efficient
c. Fosters competition with yourself through different personal challenges within the app
5. Instant Heart Rate by Azumio: measures heart rate wherever you are
. a. Such a cool idea utilizing the phone camera unlike any way I’ve ever seen: you place the tip of your index finger on the camera lens
b. very innovative, you can see your pulse waves of your heart rate
6. Nike+ Running: tracks runs and helps reach goals, highly motivational
. a. Very interactive application-for example, during a marathon, each friend who likes your Facebook status (that is connected with Nike+), you will hear a cheer while you’re listening to music.

e. Key Metrics
OMTM: activation, users sign up for the application by putting in their emails
70% of users who come to the site convert to subscribers.

2. Site Content
a. Header
Logo – will look like a camera shutter above a plate of food
Course – leads to an page on the course
Pricing – emphasize FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME
Blog – will have a blog
Sign up – goes to a mailchimp sign-up form
b. Jumbotron
H1: lots of opening and closing of the camera shutter showing a wide variety of different foods
Form: sign up for product club by entering your email: email field, sign up button
c. Overview of the problem and solution (content block)
H2: Know what you’re eating
Constantly entering in food and calories into applications is a pain.  Wouldn’t it be easier to simply take pictures of your food?  At the end of the day, you will know exactly how many calories you have eaten without thinking twice

FoodEase is an application that is meant to fit easily into your daily lifestyle by providing a quick, easy way of keeping track of the food and calories you consume. Simply take a picture of the food you are eating, and FoodEase will provide information regarding calories and health benefits and keep track of your daily intake.

This is a course meant to Listing the modules of the course (content block)
H2: FoodEase Overview
What do you want to change about your diet?
Knowing what you consume has never been easier
Just one snap of the camera and you are told your meal’s entire calorie intake
Becoming a FoodEase partner
More you can do
Why you use this application (content block)
Social proof with testimonials
Stephanie Mansour, “Step it up with Steph” – CEO Fitness Expert and Life Coach
“I would always stop using calorie trackers because it made me so paranoid of what I was eating.  With FoodEase, all I have to do is take a picture of my food, and then let FoodEase do the work in providing me the calorie count and health benefits of everything I’m consuming.”


Short blurb on the mission
Social links (Linkedin and Twitter)
Sign up form

Navigational links
• About Us
• About FoodEase
• Pricing
• Blog
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