‘Music becomes tactile and textured in Brooklyn-based design studio REIFY’s 3D-printed sound sculptures. Using an unconventional array of printing materials—plastic, bronze, and even coconut husks—REIFY weaves country hits, classical concertos, and more into honeycombed geometries. When paired with REIFY’s augmented reality smartphone app, the sculptures come alive, singing their original soundwaves back to viewers. ‘

In one of the course I took during my bachelor study, we were asked to design a space with the inspiration of music. Then I found with the design tools we used at that moment, it is almost impossible to represent the diversity and complexity of music. So when I found this model, I realized that with advanced tools everyone could start designing their own space or we say ‘sculpture’. Actually the music and other types of art could give numerous possibilities for creating new forms. Embracing the new technology can help designers make innovated design.