Challenge 8: UX

by post_author

For my UX project, I’d like to create a landing page for a webplatform that would be a blend of college search and yelp to allow students to make more informed decisions about where they can apply to school.

I’m starting to work on a landing page, found here: and am getting inspired by template 10 in the startup framework

Problem: For high school students in low-income areas, the biggest indicator for where they choose to apply for college is proximity to home. Their parents may not have the background or knowledge to assist in helping identify a best fit school for them, and school counselors are often only able to direct students to local colleges. As college debt continues to rise, students need resources to help them make more informed decisions in the college application process.

Target user: disadvantaged high school students

Unique value prop: to help students make more informed decisions in finding and applying to the best college for them

Inspiration: yelp, unigo,

Key metrics: email sign-ups, page visits

OMTM: email sign-ups

Header: Home, Tour, Lists, Blog

Jumbotron: Kazzu, For students across the country, starting college begins here

Content 1: Because going to college is an important decision, and we ought to make it a good one. This is how we work
Browse the Site//Discover schools that meet your needs
Explore a School Page//Look at school ratings from actual students and alumni
Turn Through the Picture Carousel//See what the school is actually like
Read Alumni and Student Reviews//Connect with them to share more questions
Check Out the Did You Knows//Learn more and gain advice about the school
Start Your Application//Find application and financial aid forms in our toolbox

Content 2: Finding your college has never been easierToday, as more and more students pursue higher education, a challenge has emerged in that there is an imperfect market between students and colleges. The seller, colleges, may not always know who the best buyer, students, is and students may not know who the best seller is to make a complete, informed decision. While media outlets, such as the US News, provide yearly rankings of the “best” colleges that rely on the number of research publications or class size, there are often other factors that affect a student’s decision-making process. However, these factors, such as the quality of the dorms, level of student activism, financial aid opportunities, and accessibility to resources may not be fully accurate or available on a college website. Especially for low-income students who may lack access to information and end up making school-based decisions on the proximity to home, they can find immense value in gaining exposure to wider opportunities. Similar to how eBay opened up the product exchange marketplace by allowing buyers and sellers to come together unrestricted by location, students need a way to identify the most suitable college for them, especially as total student debt has eclipsed 1.2 trillion dollars. Kazzu looks to change that. Students use our platform to browse schools on everything from academics to dorms, scroll through pictures as if they’re on campus, gain tips on how to apply, and connect with alumni, all to find the best college for them 

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