by post_author

One of the most desirable things in my life is sleep. If there was a magic pill or product that could make my sleep more efficient/refreshing, or help me go to sleep immediately when I wanted to, I would value that product immensely. I think it is very interesting that many products that claim to improve sleep (memory foam pillows, heated blankets, high-tech mattresses, medications,etc) are incredibly desirable to consumers, when I would imagine that if you asked these consumers what they considered to be “taking away their sleep,” they would likely say some of the same products that are developed and advertised like the sleep-improvement products. In this way, consumerism really is a cycle where products create needs that are then (supposedly) fulfilled by more products! Even an app that recommends ways to clear your life of time-suck products such as fb, instagram, (Tumblr??), and television would still probably be considered a product. In a big picture sense, sleep is one of those fundamental needs like hunger and shelter that will always have a consumer base, though current sleep-improving or providing products may not be addressing the “fundamental” side of sleep, but more intricate details like “how to maximize power naps during a busy work day”

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