by post_author


This video evokes a pseudo-meta level awareness of design; as it projects not only the wildly eccentric products designed by Dominic Wilcox, but also a designed version of the man, himself.

I found the latter analysis frankly more interesting. The director of the video intentionally portrays Dominic as a genuine thought developer. Dominic is not out for the glory that his products can provide, but rather, he is in it for the joy of challenging our preconceptions of how design and creativity works. Dominic re-evaluates everything that we take for granted and starts the process again from square one, elucidating perhaps not quite functional, but unarguably, emotional objects and experiences.

The transitions between scenes, the stick figure animation, the simple narrative and even the music work together to portray Dominic in this way. The synthesis of these components promote a level of authenticity that allows me to open up emotionally and meaningfully to the work of Dominic. It leads me to wonder whether things like “authenticity”, “trust”, and “genuineness” must be present in order for one to experience the emotional, meaningful, and aesthetic dimensions of desirability.

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