by post_author

‘These objects are micro-architectures, small crystalline, colorful and transparent landscapes to cast an eye upon, then dream, work and think more clearly,’ Eugeni Quitllet has created Dream Tools for Lexon, an ethereal and vibrant collection comprising four office items: a pen and pen holder, a desktop organizer for smartphones, business cards and pencils, an adhesive tape dispenser and an alarm. The designer says, ‘I want to see happy people; design should be unprecedented, eye-catching and immediately create an emotion. Above all for objects like Dream Tools that are to be used, but that are also to be given, truly small gifts, bought to give pleasure to others. It is a great token of confidence. This compels us to be innovative whilst remaining as free as a bird.’ Actually the design caught my eyes at the first glance, since it is pure, fluid, dynamic and elegant. People naturally admire beautiful objects, since it brings pleasure.  The beauty comes from the appropriate understanding of material, the balanced portion of form and the flexibility of working with different environments. 

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