by post_author

Instinctively, the Keurig is a clear example of desirable design for coffee, tea, & hot beverage drinkers alike. Coffee makers have existed for a while, but the Keurig makes making a mug of coffee in the morning a quicker and simpler process, allowing a consumer to brew one mug of coffee at a time. The Keurig simply allows consumers a way to make their daily morning routine a tiny bit nicer by reducing the time it takes to brew coffee, brewing a fresh cup of coffee each time, and reducing the exorbitant amounts of money we spend at Starbucks. Looking at Dieter Rams’ 10 principles of good design, I immediately can see that the Keurig is desirable because its useful (coffee is a part of our everyday), understandable (with only a few buttons that are self explanatory and an exposed water tank), and is clearly more environmentally friendly than choosing to grab a cup of coffee to-go at your local coffee shop every day. 

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