As I am currently sitting in my House dining hall staring at 5 dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts brought as a gift by a House Tutor, I would say confidently that these doughnuts are incredibly desirable. I consider KK to be incredibly successful in the sense that it is considered the brand of recognition for a very repeatable product — like Jif represents peanut butter, Smuckers represents jellies, and Eggos are the most recognized brand of frozen waffles, Krispy Kreme would likely be the first brand named if you asked someone to name a doughnut brand. How the company has managed to do that, I’m not sure. I have been to a very authentic, old-school Krispy Kreme store in North Carolina, which was unique in that the entire process of making the doughnuts is made visible to consumers who come in to buy doughnuts (KK has managed to create the “inside scoop, watch your food being made” experience of a place like Fire&Ice or Benihana in a much more casual atmosphere of a doughnut shop). Perhaps Krispy Kreme is an example of an American brand that is appreciated for its simplicity, and loyalty to tradition — to my knowledge, KK has not expanded beyond doughnuts like places such as Dairy Queen have from ice cream into food like hot dogs and hamburgers, and champions traditional, delicious doughnuts.