CLICK HERE to support Loco’l – Revolutionary Fast Food

by post_author

Link: CLICK HERE to support Loco’l – Revolutionary Fast Food

What I appreciate most about design is its utility throughout all domains of life.

Loco’l is a new start-up fast food chain that recognizes this concept and is using it to do what most everyone has said is impossible: making food that is cheap, healthy, environmentally sound, and delicious for all communities.

Their branding is accessible to the mixed culture of south Los Angeles, subtly blending into the environment as if it has been a local staple for years. Their aesthetic is one that is meant to bring a new spice to the traditional fast food feel; sloppy, hand-held, fast, and insanely satisfying food on the go. But they are enhancing the warm emotions through incorporation of other cuisines.

What’s very clever is that all of this is going to be healthy; mixing Quinoa into the meat patties to improve the vegetable to meat ratio that is required in a balanced diet. 

Furthermore, they are working on a global mission; to demonstrate that fast-food can be healthy and delicious and that all that is need is to be clever enough to figure out how to make it work. And that, I feel, is a mission worth pursuing.

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