by post_author

In fashion, it seems like “Back to Basics” is a term used by brands to pull away from a temporary trend and suggest to their audience that it is better to go “back” to the basics that are tried and true. There is this interesting forwards and backwards motion of fashion trends, where styles from past decades are remixed, like the Reebok Pump shoe. Here, the branding shows white basic shirts that represent timelessness, but the subtext mentions that you can master the minimal trend in effortless, ‘90s-inspired silhouettes. This ad might have been enough without tying in the flashback to the 90′s, but the reference may make this even more desirable. The 90′s fashion that comes to mind is typically not minimal, as seen in the bottom image, so this ad evokes a new impression of the ‘90′s, making both the memory and the reinvigorated clothing line desirable.

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