Blank Space meets Ms. Jackson

by post_author

Sorry 4 The Bang

Our objective for this song was to create a Summer Hit, a song that you can drive down the highway to in a convertible and roll along with. In our research on hit songs, we noticed that many of the hits had very distinct beginnings (ex. beginning of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space), so we incorporated that distinct beginning element into our song. Our main audio instrumental was based on Outkast’s Ms. Jackson, which we believe is a huge Millenial song and would resonate really well with the 21st century generation. Some emotions that we were aiming to elicit by remixing Ms. Jackson was surprise and delight, as listeners recognize the distinct background beat of the song but are then surprised by the remix when elements of the song are different than the original and arranged in a new way. Another design inspiration for our song was how Kanye West often pulls audio from other songs and edits the clips (speeds them up, increases pitch, etc), which might seem strange at first but we are confident that our target audience has grown accustomed to this type of sound.

Going forward, we see our song as posing a huge opportunity for rappers and other artists to work off of the backbeat and lay down raps over the main instrumental portion.

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