Headphones that are stylish, super comfortable, and provide awesome sound quality.

Design Choices

We thought about what we wanted to emphasize and decided that we both liked headphones that are comfortable. That’s probably one of the key things we look at when picking headphones or earphones. So, we made sure to create a simple design that was comfortable. The pads are thick and fit well with our exterior design, and the inner white padding adds an extra layer of comfort for the head.

We also wanted the design to be sleek and stylish, hence why we kept the Red color and also why we created a hexagonal exterior shape. We experimented with different shapes. Squares seemed to be too sharp and clunky. Circles are overdone. Other shapes seemed to look more futuristic. So we went with a hexagon.

The larger ear base was intentional in hopes to improve sound quality, as headphones with poor sound quality, no matter how cool they look, are ultimately not that useful.

We hope that these could eventually be used in a recording studio, or somewhere where large headphones and good quality speakers are needed.