Before designing our headphones, our team wanted to solicit user feedback surrounding headphone design before proceeding. We designed a survey that asked potential users about their preferences in material, characteristics, and showed them example headphones to rate their likelihood to buy on a 7-point scale. 

From our results, we found that people prefer a mixture of materials in their headphones, which is why our headphones are made of plastic, plush, leather, and “wood”. When rating characteristics, the majority of users wanted headphones that were comfortable, sleek, and minimalist. Our design incorporated these features by being simple and made with comfortable material.

Our design inspiration came from the above-pictured headphones that people rated the highest (3.97/7), 2 standard deviations above any of the other headphones shown. 

We wanted our headphones to be appealing and usable to the user, so we specifically designed them for the user.