A great pair of headphones has the ability to  envelop you in acoustics. You can tune out the monotony of your surroundings and immerse yourself in music. But our team wanted to offer something more than a pair of great headphones. We wanted to  by introducing the option of seamless sociability. The Flip Headphone design was inspired by the desire for a product that functions as both a superior pair of headphones and a compact, powerful speaker. Whether our customer wants to listen to music alone, to share their tunes with a friends, or blast some sounds for a party, the Flip is the perfect product. We designed a sleeker, tapering headband design for aesthetic purposes. We also modified the attachment piece for the earcups so that the earcups are able to swivel outward, for a shared listening experiences, or be removed, for louder speaker needs. The back of the earcups have a lock-in feature so that they can be snapped together, for improved sound and portability. And for a final touch, the Flip headphones come in a funky yellow/white/orange color scheme to show off your fun and vibrant style