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We created headphones people will use when listening to a song that conveys a positive emotion.  We took the original headphones file and edited it in the following ways.  First, we wanted to get rid of the oval-shaped earpiece and replace is with a circular earpiece.  This was easier on the eyes and more symmetrical.  We then changed the band to be thicker, stronger, and more aesthetically appealing.  For functionality we essentially cut the band in parts in order to incorporate hinges into the headphones.  We wanted a sleek appearance so we decided to laser cut part of the band.  We also created little clips that will allow for adjustment of the earpierce along the band.    The colors used in our headphones are white, silver, red, light blue and black- all bold and generally positive-emotion-evoking colors.  We also used a fabric found in a hardware store which gives off a happy, soft, gentle vibe.  


In order to appeal to the danceability and the general enjoyment and entertainment of the earphones, we are creating a silent disco with our two headphone designs.  According to Urban Dictionary, a silent disco is defined as “a surreal party experience where (usually due to noise curfews) the music is pumped through distributed headphones instead of the speakers-a crazy sight to behold, even crazier to partake in.” Essentially, a silent disco allows for the experience of silent dance synchronization, where everyone is listening to the same song, at the exact same time, which allows everyone to share the same experience.  It is baffling for someone to walk into a silent disco without a pair of synced headphones, since everyone is dancing in complete silence.  We are using the application called Lysn In, which allows for one person to be the DJ of countless other devices that are connected to the app.  We are connecting our two iPhones to the app, so that two people who are wearing our headphones can participate in their own silent disco.  This concept and application increases the functional possibilities of our designed headphones.  Since our headphone color schemes (red, clear, and white and white, blue, and silver) give off a cool vibe, we will sync a hip hop song through Lysn In for the song of choice of the mini silent disco.  

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