Igor Naming Agency on Twitter

by post_author

Link: Igor Naming Agency on Twitter

“It’s about time” popped into my mind when this image showed up on my computer screen one recent AM. This pasta container represents the brilliance of design through simplicity.

Aesthetic Experience: The soft milky white color of the container evokes a timeless experience, one that reminds me of shopping in the small towns of Umbria, Italy. It’s a modern update of a nostalgia that is universally experienced.

Emotional Experience: By designing for utility, they were able do resolve an issue found with all other pasta containers. This factor elicited a cathartic, and even almost vindicating experience, as if I knew the answer all along and this company finally caught up to my great ideas. Which is quite hilarious when you think about it; the clever design gave me, the consumer, the experience of its success.

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