by post_author

Sunglasses don’t get nearly as much fame as Ray-Bans (the classic wayfarers, as well as the clubmasters) have and continue to get in this day and age. Ray-Bans started production in the 1930′s, and the wayfarer style was introduced in 1950. Immediately, the glasses began receiving celebrity endorsements, and was the glasses of choice for a flurry of musicians and actors. An aspect of its desirability comes from the legitimization that comes when an admired actor/person in the public eye uses a product. It makes the product so much more cool, worth the price, and emphasizes the fact that these products are both available and accessible to even those who can’t call themselves musicians or actors. Moreover, we more and more crave for what’s “vintage” and “enduring,” especially when it comes to fashion and style–for many people, crafting one’s lasting “style” is key, and these glasses aid in pulling together the classic, effortless, and enduring look. 

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