Challenge 2 Revision

by post_author

For our revision, we decided to focus on laying out the overall story, as we were happy with the graphic for our first iteration. 

Recap: (TV Pilot) After an argument with her daughter 55 year old housemom Jane Birch is prodded to reflect upon her life. Once the most desirable woman around the city, Jane is now a relatively unknown, quiet mother who spends her days in the house listening to what everyone else wants. She has given up on her goals… or perhaps she has never had any goals. When her daughter calls Jane out on being a cowardly woman, unable and afraid to try something new, Jane realizes it’s true. So, to prove to herself and her daughter that she can achieve what she aims for, Jane decides to go to college as she never did when she was younger. In the pilot episode, we see that the college Jane has decided to go to is the place where her daughter is a professor! The pilot ends with Jane’s daughter realizing her mother is a student in her class.

From the TV Pilot onwards: there are four seasons planned. Each season covers a year of college. Jane lives in the dorms and has an 18-year-old roommate. The first season, Jane’s freshman year, deals with Jane adjusting to college life and trying to fit in when she’s obviously much older than her fellow peers. Additionally, the first season deals with Jane trying to prove to her daughter that she isn’t afraid of trying something new.
           In each episode, the main story is Jane experiencing something new about the younger generation and trying to reconcile that with what she has known growing up. She’ll deal with tech problems like figuring out how to Snapchat, how to Facebook, how to Instagram, etc. She’ll experience hook-up culture when her roommate locks her out of the room because a casual fling is over. She’ll experience how competitive the world has gotten as all her fellow classmates are vying for grades and internships and summer opportunities.
           In the first season, Jane wants to join some extracurricular activities, so she goes through experiencing each extracurricular. She tries out for club sports (something like rugby cause why not?). She joins debate but finds that the people are way too competitive and she might be labeled as having the ancient view on things. She even rushes a sorority… but that doesn’t go as well.
           She decides to run for student government, and a good chunk of the first season is her trying to convince her classmates why she’d be a great representation on student government.
           So goes the first season which will be more light hearted and comical as she navigates her way through college, something so new to her.
           The second season, her second year of college, is a bit more intense. Jane has become friends with her roommate, and she has quite a following. She is liked among the college students who have chosen her to be a part of student government. But in this season, Jane is struggling figuring out what she wants to do in the future. She realizes she only has about 10 years before retirement, but she really wants to choose a major that will lead her to a career she cares about. She tries her hand at engineering, at economics, at mathematics, at literature, and everything under the sun. This season explores stereotypes towards different career paths and how Jane, as an elderly woman, seeks to break those stereotypes and choose something she truly cares about to learn.
           Also in this season, we are introduced to another professor who Alice, Jane’s daughter is interested in. Jane doesn’t have warm feelings towards this professor and Jane and Alice get in a lot of fights during this season.
           In the third season, Jane has chosen a major and is comfortable with her academic life. Unfortunately, her personal life isn’t going as well. Her husband is mad about the whole college thing, as he thought it would just be a temporary thing. He tells her to quit but she refuses, and so he decides to divorce her because she is never around anymore and never listens to him around. Alice and Jane are still fighting about Alice’s professor boyfriend. And now Alice has to deal with her parent’s divorce. The third season is basically a lot of personal issues and Jane trying to justify studying hard and going to college when her personal life is in shambles. In this season, we are introduced to an elderly professor who runs into Jane at a coffee shop…
           The fourth season is all about reconciling things and finding endings and new beginnings. Jane and Alice slowly start to make up as Alice respects her mother’s advice and Jane respect’s her daughter’s choice. Jane and the elderly professor slowly start to fall in love. Jane runs for Student Government President. Jane is both scared and excited about the future. At the end, she realizes that she is happy for what college gave her, and she is excited for her future.

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