Design Survivor Challenge 2 REVISION

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Link: Design Survivor Challenge 2 REVISION

“Age is Just a Number” is a series that follows female protagonists in their twilight years on their constant battle against the omnipresent cultural barriers, biases, and oppression of our older generations in all countries of the world. Informed by current research, every episode represents either a myth about growing old (i.e. older people cognitively decline, they can’t get into shape, etc.) or a way to break the cultural stigma that harms the aging process (i.e. respecting the wisdom of our elders, meditation retreats where older people can relive their youth, etc.). In this way, television becomes a social tool with a direct purpose to change the cultural stigma that literally impairs the wellbeing of our older generations.

Every episode highlights this theme through the plot of a woman as she enters retirement and strives to find her way in this new world. Where the public expect her to “settle down” and go calmly into her twilight years, she refuses and challenges every expectation with wit and spunk. Eventually the female protagonists change perspectives of people of all ages when she meets them on her journey, and forces them to recognize the power that perspective brings to physical and mental wellbeing, and that age, is really just a number. The first episode will feature middle aged independent women working and making a living in the streets of South America. 

Our trailer introduces a protagonist as she literally and figuratively runs through the series’ topics. As she takes each step, she is reminded of all the challenges (or assumptions) people create about growing older and with every breath, she whispers her triumph of each issue that was created. Through this artistic mechanism, the audience is introduced to a variety of topics (future episodes) that older populations face and possible ways that she will combat, and ultimately beat, them. To set the tone of the series we used motivational contemporary music and a young female voice as narrator to illustrate the youth that still burns inside our protagonist. Our goal was to create an element of surprise by creating conditions for the audience to believe that this is just another story of a young athlete who faces challenge, only to be pleasantly shocked and moved at the reveal of our protagonist’s face, the only aspect about her that indicates her age.

“Age is Just a Number” is original because it breaks the stereotypic portrayal of older people as either helpless, cranky, or some combination of the sort. Instead, this is a show that demonstrates the versatility, courageousness, intelligence, wit, physical stamina and other wonderful aspects that can be truly enjoyed while aging if we fight against the status-quo. In fact, the aim is to make this show desirable by linking the same passions, excitement and adventures of youth with getting old, thereby creating a optimistic buzz around getting older.  The show will feature women in their golden age in different countries throughout the world.  

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