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The main shift that the Once A Bunny team made was to redirect the arc of the show —as opposed to using a documentary format where every episode was the story of a different ex-bunny and her life after being a Bunny, we decided to narrow the focus and instead expand on the story of one single woman, Polly Mantzinger, a Bunny turned world-renounced NIH scientist. To expand on Polly’s story, we drew out the background of her life a bit more, and chose to begin our pilot with her granddaughter finding her bunny costume in her attic and eliciting Polly to recount her wild story. 

One of the key areas that we decided to expand on when we revisited the challenge that was motivated with the specific intent to make a desirable, captivating show was to talk more about Polly’s life as a Bunny. It seems like the Playboy mansion is this magical place that everyone knows about, but nobody really knows what goes on inside, and we thought it would be especially intriguing to viewers to expand on this element of Polly’s story and give them a rare inside peak into the life of a Playboy Bunny. 

We chose to end this re-visited pilot at a bit of a crux — when Polly is working as a Bunny waitress and sees that her new table is full of her classmates from university. At this point, we know that Polly is interested in pursuing science, but she is fragile between her two lives at this point, and we thought it would be suspenseful to end the pilot at this risky position. The audience will not know how Polly will respond to this awkward and potentially embarrassing situation, and will have to tune in to the next episode to find out!

We expanded our visual according to this extended plot, and included 1 visual for each scene that we believe summarizes the content and scope of that scene effectively. We also added one or two lines of description accompanying the visuals in order to improve this communication of the main message. 

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