Shylight | Work | Studio Drift

by post_author

Link: Shylight | Work | Studio Drift

Shylight offers a radical departure from my typical interest in nature/home synthesis. So often am I driven by the notion that we should bring nature into our places of being to improve our mental health. This is informed by research revealing the effectiveness of placing live plants indoors and their positive impact on improving not only air quality, but the well-being and productivity of those nearby.

What Shylight does is offer a way of inverting the notion of indoors to more closely resemble the attributes that matter from the outdoors. By imitating flowers, it may in fact bring a visceral experience that live plants do as well. In addition, the magnitude and novelty of the technology may illicit a sense of “awe”, a well-documented emotion that has multiple beneficial side-effects.

Ultimately, I find Shylight to be desirable by its ability to mimic the aspects of nature that we love, and in addition, create a novel experience by it’s uniqueness as a concept and presentation.

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