My older brother lives in Chelsea, NY, and while my family was visiting him this past weekend we took a really nice 2 hour walk up and down the Chelsea Highline, which in my opinion is one of the coolest things in NYC. The Highline is an elevated walkway about 3 miles long that spans the west side of the Meatpacking district and is lined with foliage, flowers, and greenery. Visually, the Highline offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in warm green in the middle of the metal and brick of the Meatpacking District, and gives visitors a feeling of privilege, like they are able to watch the business of the streets of NYC pass below them — they are not caught up in it, but it is theirs to take in. There is even a portion of the Highline that juts out over 9th avenue with auditorium-like bleacher seating — just the mere presence of seating like this conveys that the streets of NY are constantly putting on a performance to be watched, and the Highline offers the opportunity to put your feet up and take it all in as it goes by.