When we talk about designing an entire experience, the Disney MagicBand is the example that we should be looking at. With this band, Disney has designed an amazing, friction-less world.

MagicBands, tech-studded wristbands available to every visitor to the Magic Kingdom, feature a long-range radio that can transmit more than 40 feet in every direction. The band connects you to a vast and powerful system of sensors within the park. You don’t have to think about them much, and that is how we know that they have achieved their goal — invisible design.

There’s no need to rent a car or waste time at the baggage carousel. You don’t need to carry cash, because the MagicBand is linked to your credit card. You don’t need to wait in long lines. Waiters already know your order when you enter the restaurant.

For Disney, the MagicBands, the thousands of sensors they talk with, and the 100 systems linked together to create MyMagicPlus turn the park into a giant computer—streaming real-time data about where guests are, what they’re doing, and what they want. It’s designed to anticipate your desires.

It’s incredible.