Triple A is an iPhone app that is meant to enhance the Alcoholics Anonymous Experience/Network. Alcoholism is a problem that affects many throughout the world. AA is an organization that has been proven to help people, but so far is mainly just in person. We decided to make the experience of AA mobile, and so we created an iPhone/Android app that would allow people who had never tried AA before to get a feel for AA and get help completely free and anonymously if they so desire. 

User Journey

We’ve laid it out on our image: Anne is a woman who has a great car, money, friends galore that she parties with. She’s gotten married. She knows how to have fun. But then the problems start. She gets divorced, she starts drinking more and more and she gets to the point where she can’t go a day without a drink. She’s feeling depressed and hopeless, when one day she has a conversation with a friend who recommends Triple A. 

Anne tries the app and gets to experience the AA community in a digital setting (so then if she likes it she can experience the meetings in person, and if that’s too much of a hassle, she can easily take advantage of the mobile resources). 

There are 5 sections:

1. Profile (Progress) which is the home screen where Anne can see how many drinks she’s had and the trends as they decrease (hopefully) and how many days she’s been sober. 

2. Journal: Myfitnesspal and other acclaimed apps have a journal section where people can update what they’ve had for the day, how they feel. We’ve found that journaling helps people get a sense of what they’re trying to do and admit feelings. So this journal is a blank notepad that allows Anne to input her feelings for the day. She can share this entry with the greater community and get feedback and support, or keep it personal. The app will look through the words she writes and if it is a negative post, will update blog posts that are helpful and hopeful and send hopeful notifications. 

3. Community: This is the best part. Community really works for AA’s mission, so we’ll have a section where Anne can see other user journals and scroll through and respond to comments. And the best best part is a geolocation app that shows Anne where on-call volunteers for AA are. If Anne is feeling really terrible, she can anonymously broadcast a message which the on-call volunteers will all see and anyone can respond to her (they will respond within 30 minutes). She can message them through the map, talk with them over phone, or meet them in person if she wants to. 

4. Blog: This section will have tips and advertisements and AA articles/testimonials and things like that. This is also the section where there will be ads catered to things that Anne might feel will help her. If she writes about needing to exercise or something, then general exercising ads will show up on the blog. The app itself is completely free (meant to be accessible) and the blog features ads on it for the app’s source of revenues. 

Ultimately, in the user journey, Anne feels she is a part of the AA community without even ever going to the meetings, all thanks to Triple A. She becomes a  happier person and eventually ends up becoming a on-call volunteer and helps others!