Ototo, to me, is a brilliant exercise in target marketing desirability. This device acts as a bridge between the arduino-know-hows and the tech-interested-yet-incompetent. Ototo allows you to turn items into musical instruments as well as use extraneous sensors (i.e. light sensors, accelerometers, pressure sensors, etc.) to operate as midi controllers for music software. This allows most anyone to hook up to a music production program like Ableton and immediately start playing music and altering things like the pitch or rhythm by a simple shake of the hand or off switch of a light.

The reason this I believe this is a beautiful demonstration of knowing their audience, is because it has found that sweet spot that no other companies understood to target. It’s easy enough that anyone can use it, yet it’s sophisticated enough to be personalized to the individual (and therefore desirable). I suggest taking a closer look at the sensors in the middle of the screen. You might notice the clever markings on each one that indicate the function of that sensor.