Journey Map Walkthrough

Sally is a senior and feels like she never has enough time; from hopping among classes, working in the evenings, and setting up plans for life after college, Sally wishes she could better manage her time. With the recent purchase of a Fitbit, she also hopes to lead a more active lifestyle and take exercise classes at the school gym. However, trying to navigate the exercise class schedule online can be more frustrating than going to the DMV. She’s motivated to be more active, but lacks the ability and appropriate triggers to reach her goal. She also always forgets to record exercises, besides walking and jogging, with the current Fitbit application. It takes time to type in all the information manually.

Fortunately, by setting up her Fitbit account online or through her smartphone, Sally can select the gym closest to her and the types of exercise activities she enjoys the most, from yoga to cycling to even dance. She can then let the platform know what days and times during the week she’s generally available to exercise.

From here on out, with the help of Fitbit’s GPS system, Sally will get notified in advance — from several hours, thirty minutes, or even ten minutes — when her gym will be starting a class that’s relevant and interesting for her.

Through Fitbit’s LED light display and vibration technology, Sally’s band will activate when a class is upcoming, and she’ll then be able to accept or decline the class by pressing on the display face.

If she decides to take the class, Sally will be able to press the display face to let the program know when she begins to exercise and can then press it again once the class finishes. Based on the length of the exercise class, her weight, height, and heartbeat (as measured by Fitbit’s PurePulse system), the program will be able to convert her workout into steps and calories to add to her day’s total.

To promote a positive feedback loop, Sally will receive a friendly message and a badge from Fitbit the next time she opens her account online or on her smartphone, congratulating her for taking the class. In addition, if she forgot to press the display face after her class finished, Fitbit will ask Sally how long her class lasted. As she takes more and more classes and leads a more active lifestyle, Sally will earn more badges and be eligible for discounts at her gym or local sports retailers.