by post_author

The Skimm is one of two email digests I subscribe to, and I absolutely love it. I definitely feel like as a college student, I am scarily unaware of what is going on in national and global news, so an email digest of the most important news stories of the past day/few days is exactly what I need. The Skimm is unique because it is written by women, for women, with just the right amount of sass and witty humor to make it enjoyable to read without sacrificing content quality. The Skimm comes to my email around 6:30 each morning and I try my best to read it over breakfast, allowing me to start my day thinking globally and outside of myself and the demands of the Harvard bubble. Every once in a while there is a book suggestion at the end of the digest — I’m not sure how the Skimm decided on book suggestions as opposed to music/food recipe suggestions, etc, but I always look to my screenshots of the Skimm for my next book to read.

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