I’m personally a fan of Tumblr for blogging, but a friend of mine has been nudging me towards hosting my writing on Medium, a blog hosting platform started by the former co-founders of Twitter. Medium allows anyone to publish their writing online. Though we live in a day and age where so many blog hosting sites exist, Medium makes itself a nuanced, innovative, and desirable product in a few ways. Firstly, it doesn’t call upon writers to keep up a regularly updated blog, as Medium consists of soundbite-like blog posts written by one of thousands and thousands of writers. Medium also encourages the community of readers and writers to make comments and annotate articles–an innovative feature that hasn’t really been done before. Finally, a wide range of people already use Medium–from the White House, which released the transcript for the State of the Union first via Medium to the scrappy high school freshman passionate about marine animal preservation. These features make Medium a more desirable blog-hosting website than others, and with the added details that make posting so easy for the layman, Medium is becoming the site of the future.