by post_author

I recently experienced a computer crash, which is always a devastating situation. Luckily, however, my computer gave mild warning signals of eminent failure, which prompted me to become a more active saver of my documents. And that is where I came to appreciate the design and the concept of the USB. The USB port is a way that easily allows computers and their owners to connect. By transferring data from my old computer to my fixed, old computer, I came to realise how wonderful it was that data could be stored with such a small, portable, and easy to use device. Furthermore, I thought it was fantastic that I could do so without having to use some form of converter to switch between my previous computer and my current computer. Even if my computer had hailed from a completely different computer brand or if I had switched to a new computer, such as a Windows, Lenovo, etc.–it is assuring to know that my USB is adaptable, reusable, and efficient for storing, preserving, and transferring my data to where it needs to be. Always. 

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