Although I do not personally own a bed like this, after seeing this image, I certainly wish I did. This combined bed and storage furtniture piece allows for a quick and easy storage of excess bedding or even other products. From personal experience, I have always found it odd that one has to set their decorative bedding aside, either on the floor, a chair, or another storage compartment. It additionally seems like a hassle to have to take on and take off consistently, when it is such a struggle to hide this decorative bedding. I therefore have created a habit of storing my decorative bedding and never properly making my bed. However, if I owned this bed, it would make my life easier to properly store my decorative bedding and store my decorative bedding underneath my bed with ease. Furthermore, the storage component is absolutely fantastic for those, like myself, who have limited space as a college student or as a potential sublet holder in New York City (where I may potentially live in a cardboard box).