by post_author

There are very few places in the world that I leave remembering the bathroom. There are even fewer places in the world that I enjoy the bathroom. There are even fewER places where I may potentially prefer hanging in the bathroom than the actual place (and the place itself is amazing). And for this reason, I truly appreciate the design behind the toilets in Sketch, a restaurant in London, England. 

Sketch is a restaurant that truly inspires wonder by its capacity to engage the senses–amazing sights and plating, delicious smells and tastes of food, sounds of its artfully designed playlists, and great feel of all the dishes. It really is a unique package of music, art, food, and drinks unlike any other restaurant I have ever been too. And to top it off, it also has the most interesting restroom. Each pod is an individual toilet in this modern, futuristic bathroom. Although i wouldn’t classify this as the most beautiful bathroom in the world, I would confidently say that it sets the bar for most interesting and different bathroom I have ever seen. And further, I commend their efforts in making the bathroom a journey and a destination in and of itself; something I have not seen been done before. 

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