Pictured above is the novel selfie-stick for iPhone. This product ingeniously solves one of the biggest problems faced while taking a photo: who should take the photo?? One can easily attach their phone to the top device, plug the white chord into their phone, stretch out and adjust the stick, and take a photo with the easy push of a button (more info on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=720IvqXpagE). 

This product meant a lot to my mom and I as we traveled through Southeast Asia this past winter. It was us two, visiting beautiful monuments, temples, and cities. While we wanted to capture each and every moment together, it was often difficult because we didn’t have a “designated camera man” nor did we want 10,000 selfies with the temples of Angkor Wat. We wanted to instead play with different angles and take different style images. We thus, purchased this stick and it has really changed the way I take photos on my iPhone. Not even for just selfies, but for photo taking it is phenomenal, as it is more steady and can be adjusted for different heights and angles. 

Additionally, this product’s usage is very intuitive and easy to use. Although it is not the most aesthetically pleasing, it does now come in different colors and shapes that can match individual tastes.