I must admit, I have always been a disaster when it comes to eating.  As a child, my mum was convinced “The Ketchup Song” was my anthem (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMT698ArSfQ) and I was part of Las Ketchup. Spaghetti, salads– don’t get me started. They inevitably end up on my clothes after a meal. Especially on days where I choose to wear white. 

For that reason, this is one of God’s best gifts to people like me (and my mum). It is an object designed to facilitate and to cure the problems that messy eaters and accident-prone individuals are likely to face when eating. It is portable, convenient, effective, and easy to administer. It further appeals to broad segments of the population.  Even if a person is neither a messy-eater nor accident-prone, it is an instrument for those who are clean and precautious, because they always run the risk of being stained by others–ahem, messy eaters. 

Thanks to this Tide Pen, it is no longer necessary to stretch one’s shirt to rub soap and water beneath the sink. Neither is it necessary for one to damage their favourite item of clothing, because they did not make it back in time to properly wash off the stain. Nor is it necessary to walk around with an awkwardly large water mark on clothing. This product leaves a subtle mark that quickly dries. It is quite truly magic.