Club W is changing the way we wine.  For just $40/month (+$6 flat rate shipping fee), Club members receive a monthly “experience” of 3 bottles that are selected based on member’s “palate profile” (determined by a 6-question survey).  Each wine in the inventory has an accompanying educational video so that members can learn about what’s in their glass (see: bump their culture cred). Club W also makes sure to cater to its members, giving them the option to ignore the Club’s recommendations and make their own selections from what’s available, and even allowing them to skip a month if they are so inclined. 

A smart model that caters to our generation’s drinking habits, Club W marries the desires of pleasure (i.e. wine), convenience, and choice. It’s the perfect platform through which to branch out for your go-to bottle of Menage a Trois without aimlessly/cluelessly wandering the aisles of your nearest liquor store (did I mention their 100% satisfaction guarantee?).