Les Deux Plateaux, a controversial art installation located in the inner courtyard of the Palais Royal in Paris. 

At first, as a designer I thought it was so boring design with grid of columns in such an important historic site. But after I saw how much children(actually a lot of children) love this place for playing and how adults take picture and even play with it like children, I found that a space can be turned into a place only when people are involved in. So for me, design
is about observing how people feel, interact, influence and change the physical
world and creating new space, environment or objects that fulfill people’s
need, extend people’s imagination and bring new value. Good designer should
have the ability to look into every detail associated with human experience,
and also be very clear about the complexity of world when making decision for conflicting



Challenge 0 – Painting collection of Frida


The color palette of Frida Kahlo is bold
and unique, always distinguishing her work from other paintings in the
exhibition. Those colors which are fighting with each other provoke viewers’
emotions such as intensity, depression or fear. I think art is about creating
something or experience which never exists before. It doesn’t need to be
comfortable or harmonious. Those contrasting colors and complementary colors are
so strong to catch my eye and make me believe the power of color.



Challenge Half – Sky Mall Humidifier

Advertisement is not only selling a
product, but also conveying the value and happiness associated with the product.
As a consumer, I always buy the products which make me feel good. This kind of
good feeling may come from good quality, aesthetic enjoyment, or simply the
happiness or excitement experience when using it with friends. For the
humidifier which targets families, the most valuable thing is the health of every
family member. The new poster design is trying to illustrate that improvement of
inner environment could bring family members closer and be beneficial for
health. Rain forest which is humid and natural often comes with the idea of
therapy and re-energizing process. So it is not only about humidity, it is
about health and comfort which is one of the ultimate concerns in family.
The product becomes desirable when consumers can imagine those good feelings of
using the product.



Challenge One – Distort Your Reality

This experience combines the detective
storyline and the interaction with art work. Room escaping game is more fun
than watching a movies or reading a novel because it is a process that involves
you in and you are the one who influence the story and solve the problem. In
order to enhance this sense of accomplishment, we use interactive projection technique
to blur the gap between reality and illusion. Except for the emotional
experience, we also add the experience of meaning. We would like to bring
participants into every detail of Dali’s masterpieces, altering the traditional
way of standing in front of famous paintings in museum. It could be an
inspirational case for future responsive museum space.



Challenge Two – Once a Bunny

Making a TV Program about a woman in her
golden age firstly come to me as a question that is ‘if you meet such a lady,
what would you like to know about her and why are you interested in her story?’
We all like stories, especially ones beyond our imagination. Playboy Bunny, one
of the symbols in American history, is associated with consumerism, gender
issue and pop culture. After many years, how those beautiful girls live now and
how being a bunny influences their later life are very interesting questions
for me. After research, we found some girls became US Marine, famous actress
and scientist. Then I have more questions. Why they took such a big turn in
their life? Did the experience of being a bunny influence their late life
choices? Maybe that could be not just an interesting single story, but a brand-new
view to look at the change of society during the past decades. So this
documentary firstly will attract people for human’s natural curiosity about
special and unexpected stories. Then it will bring people back to that time to experience
the change of society from those ladies’ stories.