Thinking about polaroid cameras reminded me of an article I read recently about the “hipster” generation, and how our downfall is that we perceive recycling old fads to be our version of “progress,” ex. the next cool thing is to take polaroids, or listen to records, or wear oversized sweaters. But when I think about how my sorority has recently started using polaroids, it is interesting to see how we are using these vintage items in new ways. For example, my sorority has started using polaroids to take pictures at events, because due to the hectic schedules of our members, girls are always coming and going, and we wanted to be able to physically show the history of the event, who was there before them, who came after them, etc, to help make the girls feel more connected and like one group. But it is interesting to compare polaroid pictures to online social media posts —- do these physical polaroid pictures mean anything more than a picture posted on Facebook or Instagram?