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I chose this picture of a child using an iPad because it speaks to the simplicity the iPad strives for. Its also very desirable, and I bet that kids who grew up using Apple products will have a hard time leaving the brand, even if products with more new features become available. This represents the two attributes I value most in my own design – ease of use and ‘stickiness’, being really hard to let go of.

My Challenge0, Nutella Before Bed, appeals to both an experiece of meaning, since it tells a clear story, and a visceral experience of the relaxing blue colors. For me, it elicits humor and calm as emotions. It definitely resides on the bottom right of the ‘core affect’ wheel, with a clear focus on satisfaction and relaxation.

For ChallengeHalf, the skymall jeweled egg, the experience was more aesthetic. While there was some sense of meaning involved, hoping to bring a parent and child closer together, as well as let a child explore their passion for art, this challenge mostly focused on how beautiful the egg holder was, and how beautiful the child’s art would be.

In Challenge1, we decided on a very pleasant activated emotional state. Although the high level meaning is clear, the actual experience is somewhat unclear, which leads the viewers conscious mind to ask ‘what is actually going on here’, creating an emotion of interest and curiosity. The aestetic part of this comes through as well in the stars at the top and the purple light on the crowd.

For Challenge2, we focused on a meaningful experience much more than an aesthetic one. With our storyboard, we were trying to be rough, present a lot of ideas quickly, and leave some to the viewer’s imagination, so getting especially beautiful panels wasn’t a priority. We definitely sought to provide a product that met the concerns of our viewer base, providing a humorous emotional experience. With the character of Clayer, we sought to inspire our viewers, as well as fascinate them with the ironies inherent in today’s tech world.

For my WIGs, I’ve focused on different experiences each time. For the blue watch, its a combination of meaningful (the lightning bolts and cities) and aesthetic experiences that creates a strong emotional feeling of admiration and excitement. For the Five Hour Energy, its less meaningful and more aesthetic. The bold fonts, intense reds, and busy layout create a feeling of energy and power. In the gold watch, its mostly about aesthetics – the gold watch is beautiful, not only because of its material, but also because of its simplicity. Lastly, the ‘Lets Motor’ campaign focused almost entirely on meaning. Each print message focused on identifying with specific attributes in consumers, and the clever stunts and billboards like the one displayed were often jokes that had to be consciously examined to be funny.

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