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As a Designer, I want to create a balance of useful product with value and something that tickles one’s fancy in some way, shape, form, or experience. 

In the Skymall challenge, I tried to create something that gave the meaning of comfort. In airplanes, people want to be warm and comfy enough so that they can fall asleep, while also being relatively undisturbed by noise. Thus taking basic examples of comfort for sleeping into consideration, I created an upgraded version of the body blanket by adding a better neck pillow, and warm earmuffs that had music in them/noise canceling headphones.

For Challenge 1, my partner and I really focused on environment and the aesthetic experience of going through a room in a box that was dark and adventurous. We wanted it to be thrilling and dangerous so we paid an lot of attention to little details to make it so. We placed it at an abandoned parking lot, had a room filled with cold, moving machinery, and even had a bungee jump experience. We know that atmosphere can transport a person and so focused on creating a thrilling atmosphere.

In Challenge 2, my partner and I focused on an emotional experience. We know that there are many people out there who start to reflect on their life as they become older and want a second chance. We also know that one reason people watch a TV show is because they feel emotionally involved or feel that the character is relatable. So we focused on creating a story that would get the watchers involved emotionally.

For one of my What I’ve Gots, I chose diesel watches. They are desirable
Aesthetically-the way they feel and look- and also have a meaning attached to them. They represent luxury and style, and that makes people want to get them.

Another What I’ve Got I chose Northface fleece sweaters. These are aesthetically pleasing because they are warm and comfortable, and also serve a purpose of making sure a person isn’t cold and do their job well, hence why they are so desirable.

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