My goal as a designer is to transform the traditionally undesirable goods into coveted items. I love the process of thinking through how an item as mundane as toilet paper can be changed to gilded gold and instead of using it to wipe your butt, you put it on display for everyone to see. Shifting a consumer’s affective response from an item that can potentially be repulsive to a response that elicits feelings of desire and even luxury is a challenge I find gratifying.

Challenge Zero

This collage of fashion magazine clippings on the aesthetic level, certainly has visual appeal that encourages the onlooker to not only view the image as a whole but also examine more closely the individual pieces. The experience of meaning is in what it represents to me – a symbol of my cultural heritage. The emotional experience will hopefully be a pleasant one as it is meant to be a calming and pleasant image.

Challenge Half

I changed the Cat Robot into a Cat Spaceship – a litter box with an out of this world experience. The product heightened the aesthetic experience by engaging the cat’s own sense of hearing with cat specific music and sense of touch with an interior lined with a soft texture. The experience of meaning is attached to a user’s desire to brag about how unique the device is and how it takes the hassle out of refilling the litter box by automating the entire process. The emotional experience is likely tied to the connection the customer has with her animal. Watching one’s cat be blissfully happy in this contraption will likely make the customer happy as well.

Challenge One

Ferran Adrià and the Bulli Factory is a challenge that straddles the line of inspiration, joy, and fascination. The senses are gratified in the exploration of food. Users are able to recognize the theme from their childhood experience with Willy Wonky further adding a dimension of emotional connection. And because of the nature of the escape experience, users will likely attach meaning to the fulfillment they have after completely the challenge.

Challenge Two

The Golden Star TV Pilot delights the sense of sound with the beautiful songs that weave and create the plot. The 50-year-old main character is an aspirational woman that will likely inspire TV watchers and most likely will elicit feelings of love given her approachable demeanor. The experience of meaning comes into play when watchers recognize the struggle Josie has as their own struggle. We’ve all dreamt of something all of our lives, but many will never know the challenges of actually holding on to that dream once you have it.


The computer trashcan continues to play on the idea of turning something generally deemed undesirable (a can full of dirty trash) into something cool and desirable. Most users are familiar with the computer icon and it evokes a feeling of nostalgia in its pixelated design. 

John Galliano has had a career not without controversy and his complexity is so very obvious in this look for Maison Margiela. Visual and tactile senses are engaged in this crown-jeweled piece. 

The video of David Adjaye’s work in Brooklyn conveys senses of astonishment and curiosity in its conspicuous exterior design as it sits alongside traditional brownstones and inconspicuous all white interior that elicits inspiration for the homeowners.