Creating beautiful and useful things is my goal as a designer. I feel like this photo represents me because the sphere is classic, sleek, and often utilized shape. This sphere is also subltey beautiful in the image it is reflecting. Additionally, a sphere appeals to my minimalist nature. I knew a sphere was what I wanted to represent me as soon as I began thinking about this assignment.

So far this year, I have focused on aesthetic appeal for whativegots, however my natural inclination is to appeal more to emotion, and I have tried to do that more in the challenges.

WHATIVEGOT: Shades, the game, I feel like very much appealed to all three aspects of user-product experience. Creating a compilation of shades provides a sense of accomplishment from creating aesthetic appeal. It also elicits happiness and anger depending on how well you are doing in the game. Teslas definitely are very targeted toward aesthetic appeal, but in doing it also appeals to the meaning level, because they end up being associated with sophistication and beauty. If you actually drive a Tesla emotion can also be thrown in there because of the exhilaration factor. Most of my other whativegots have predominately aesthetic features of desirability. The pop art, the mr. tea infuser and the amphora are all visually appealing items. The amphora is also desirable on the meaning level too though. 

CHALLENGE 00: Challenge 00 appealed wholeheartedly to visual aesthetic. The yellow books on the shelf with the occaisional addition of blue was pleasing and warm to look at. There is very limited interaction one can have with an interestingly arranged bookshelf though, and so the desirability ends at visual appeal. 

CHALLENGE 1/2: For challenge 1/2 I took an aestetically pleasing product and added a meaning level and emotion level to it. The original Skyymall product was “wild animal shot glasses.” While being skeptical of how appropriate it was for my first challenge in this class, my first thought upon seeing the shot glasses was to make it into a chess game. That instantly adds meaning to what was originally a purely visually appealing. What might have been casual or reckless drinking now becomes an intelligent game, which appeals to the dual desire of wanting to be smart, but also wanting to be “cool.” There is also the emotional component that comes with competition, which either elicits excitement or disappointment (and the liquor induces happiness/calm, depending on how many pieces you had taken off the board). 

CHALLENGE 1: Challenge 1 was very emotionally charged. The Hollywood Bowl, is a virtual rockstar experience made to feel completely real. You are actually a celebrity for a day and you had thousands of people cheering for you. We were selling a feeling. That feeling of empowerment, amazement, joy, achievement, exhilaration when you are on stage performing or when people are fawning over you. It was for those you had made more sensible choices in life and decided not to live on the edge. It is a brief rush of emotion, a change from the everyday. 

CHALLENGE 2: Challenge 2 was heavy on the meaning level. Zero F is about a bad-ass, yet caring secret agent grandma who does what she wants and has no time for shenanigans. Rose Falkman is cool and admirable, powerful and aspirational. She has her shit together and is someone you want to be when you are older. These are all associations people have (or we hoped people would have) with our TV show. Zero F carries a lot of associations with it. 

CHALLENGE 3: This photo is aesthetically pleasing, and for me also has a meaning level. The sphere in beautifully in a simplistic way. And also, the sphere being such an important shape has meaning for me. It is a base for many designs and also has a lot of symbolic meaning.