To start, I want to say that I had a packet of Orville Redenbacher’s Pop Up Bowl Kettle Corn for dinner tonight. The marketing on the package says it all–“easier snacking, sharing, clean up.” This product addresses a fundamental issue that humans like to avoid: cleaning up. I love this product because I can pop it in to the microwave and have (& happily finish)  a standup bowl of popcorn without ever having to clean out a bowl. It simplifies the popcorn eating process by providing both the means through which we eat the popcorn as well as the end (the popcorn itself), making the product desirable in its multi-capabilities. Aesthetically, the packaging relays the message of the product well, and the pop up bag is sturdy, nice to look at, and definitely smells good. Moreover, popcorn reminds us of the meaning of movie-watching and all that encompasses movies, friends, and free time, followed by emotions that result from the appraisal of our experiences watching movies (with friends, with family, by oneself, etc.).