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Research:To begin a design solution I first do my homework, try to find as much about the problem myself, so I can come up with questions, which will lead to a  personal hypothesis. 

Ask:The next, and most important, step is that I ask others and test my hypothesis. Through interviews, and other methods I gain public opinion from a various sources, so I know that I’m designing a solution that people care about.

After the first two steps are completed I am ready to create to a unique design that solves the problem at hand but is also informed and becomes integrated in people’s everyday lives. 

Image description: I made a simple image because I like conveying solutions to a problem in the most efficient way. The three specific letters for the “steps” were chosen because my nickname is Rad. The triangle is my favorite shape. The “A” is at the peak because I think it is the most important step in the process. The infinity symbol is because my middle name is Ananta which in Sanscrit means “without end,” and I believe that design is an iterative process, it’s never ending. Even the best products are updated and revised. To come up with the best solution it is important to repeat the steps. 

Challenge0: Icon pop

Inspired by the
iPhone game “Icon Pop” this piece explores the role that color plays in
branding and consumerism. It is interesting how color can make something
more or less desirable based on context.

ChallengeHalf: Skymall – Jetcase

At first glance the “Reloaded Micro Kickboard Carry-On Luggage Scooter”   is a goofy expensive product that
many adults would laugh at and never think to buy. However, it is a great product, by simplifying the name, adding
color, and advertising to a younger market, there is potential for it to be more
desirable and successful since it’s fun for that age group, and can be made
cheaper for that target market.

Challenge1: Timebox

Living in a different time period is quite appealing in that
it’s something that you can’t really do. In this challenge my partner and I
attempted to fill that desire by creating an experience that allows the user to
explore different times in history. We wanted Timebox to be a practical theater
experience that had the potential to travel and create exclusivity in various,
specific, destinations, as well as have the capacity to give back to local
theater communities involved in it’s production.

Challenge2: Big Woman on Campus

The show is attempting to tap into multiple generations. We
wanted people of any age to be able to relate to it in some way. It’s desirable
for teens and young adults because the setting is a college campus and things
that the woman experiences are typical college experiences… with a twist. It’s
desirable for older people because it will show how the woman will try to fit
in with a younger generation.

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