For challenge0, I put together a sketch of an edited homework assignment. The image conveys a rough, ugly aesthetic experience with the dark colors and vibrant red lines. The emotion and meaning comes from the viewer reflecting on his or her time as a student and the dread that comes from receiving a poor grade or project. 

For challenge1/2, I took a ballpoint pen from the SkyMall catalogue and updated it for the modern user to include a USB drive and a small camera at the head to take pictures of charts, graphs, notes from a meeting or lecture. To make this desirable, the new pen relied on the experience of meaning by having the user consider his or her preconceptions of what a pen can do and challenge them. This product had to overcome emotional experiences, because a pen itself isn’t often associated with innovation or newness. 

For challenge1, my partner and I worked on the SideEffects maze, which I believe hit on the different frameworks of product experience: aesthetic, meaning, and emotion. Through different in-room challenges that incorporate all five senses, the user is able to get a full aesthetic experience. In addition, the maze itself is an elusive experience — not many people can successfully win — which gives it greater meaning, as people strive to be one of the lucky win who can say they conquered it. In terms of emotions, players must rely on interactions with one another to gain access to clues or solutions. Because of this, the emotional relationship of either deceiving or collaborating can provide the players a very intimate experience with the game and one another.

For challenge2, my partner and I worked on Betty’s Billions, which incorporates an emotional and meaningful experience, while also looking to subvert the viewers’ aesthetic connections. By featuring an older woman, the show tries to flip the concept of ‘beauty’ aesthetic experience on its head. There are no models in the show, but rather real people. By depicting an older, strong woman, we hope to reveal to audiences that beauty can take many forms. Our show’s concept involves philanthropy and helping others, which we believe can connect to audiences on both emotional and meaningful levels. People can follow along to story arcs of characters down on their luck, but who are then able to overcome those challenges to reach their dreams.

For my whativegot contributions, the aesthetics, meaning, and emotion of the self-driving cars convey innovation and newness. The viewer wants to learn more and is intrigued by the unique shape and design. With the sleeping bags for homeless project, the meaning and emotion are tied together. The image appeals to the user’s sense of philanthropy and aid. The viewer wants to help the helpless and contribute.