My goal as a designer is to create a product that has its own full-fledged personality.  It has a certain function, can make people experience select emotions, and can form bonds with people.  My goal as a designer is not to visually pollute the world, but instead visually enhance it.

What I’ve Got: Kikkoman Soy Sauce, Cards Against Humanity, iRobot Roomba 880, Disney World

The design of Kikkoman Soy Sauce is mostly tied to the aesthetic experience. It is simple and elegant, but also quite bold.  It is pleasing to the eye.  Its curves are perfectly designed for functionality but also for aesthetics.  It encompasses less of the experience of meaning but a bit of the emotional experience.  When I see this bottle I see my family and I eating at Jasmine’s, the Chinese restaurant in my hometown.    

Cards Against Humanity is designed mostly for the emotional experience and the experience of meaning.  Being as this is a card game using specifically chosen buzzwords, the meaning behind each and every one of the words is generalized into the words ‘Cards Against Humanity’.  The game is designed to challenge peoples limit of appropriateness, but also to make you laugh and pull at your emotions.  

The iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum is designed particularly for functionality.  The purpose of this robot is the hands-off nature.  It is autonomous and operates on its own so the consumer doesn’t have to bother with physically vacuuming  again.  The experience in a way is the no-experience of having to do something that you don’t enjoy.  It is also small and compact and doesn’t aesthetically disrupt the room that it may be cleaning.  

Disney World is designed for the emotional experience and the experience of meaning.  Going to Disney World is an emotional adventure, bringing you into a happy world where there are no problems.  Adults and parents have their own memories of their trip to Disney, which makes their children want to experience it too.  The ideation of it being a magical fantasy world, and also the loyalty of its consumers and its reputation is what makes Disney so desirable.  

Challenge 0: Story through Colors

When trying to express a story through colors of objects strategically placed together, I attempted to pick colors that already had reputations.  Red is typically bold, and piercing while white is typically boring, plain, untapped.  Silver is clean and smooth and a little shiny.   I tried to get the viewers to experience a meaning for the colors so they could represent themselves and literally tell the story themselves.  

Challenge  Half: SkyMall, Voice Clarifying Amplifier

For the SkyMall Challenge I tried to pull at all three of the types of product experience.  First of all, I immediately changed the color of the ear pierce, changing its aesthetics to cool pastels rather than beige.  In doing this, I changed the experience of meaning because the hearing device should no longer be something people are embarrassed about and want to hide- it should be something of a fashion statement.  And lastly, the experience of emotion is touched because the ad is featuring a grandma and her little grandson singing a song.  The grandma is quite delighted to be able to hear her grandson sing- she wouldn’t want to miss something as precious as this.  

Challenge 1: Vertical Reality Room Escape

The Vertical Reality Room Escape is desirable due to its experience of meaning and emotion.  It deals with the dual desire and the common fear of being stuck in an elevator.  This is something that no one wants to do, but everyone wonders what it might be like.  In this case you are stuck in an elevator, but in a controlled situation where you don’t have to wait on someone to get you out or for someone to realize you are stuck- you have to escape yourself.  

Challenge 2: Betty’s Billions

Betty’s Billions appeals to everyone wants to receive 1 billion dollars.  This situation is one that everyone wants to experience- having full reign on 1 billion dollars.  Deciding who it goes to, who it doesn’t go to, and see peoples’ lives change because of it.  It is designed for viewers to be emotionally tied to Betty but also place themselves in Betty’s situation and imagine what it would be like to be her.