Text Definition: It is my goal to study, research and evaluate (to its fullest extent) the identified experience arising from object-person interaction in order to optimally incentivize adoption of products and behaviors that maximize human well-being (physical, mental, and social health).

Challenge0: I largely relied upon the emotional experience that is associated with the meaning that is identified by the user’s ability for pattern recognition. In other words, I searched for desirability by utilizing the two colors that I had found in the snow in order to re-play a common story with which most people are familiar. This story, or meaning, was meant to elicit humor in the individual who was interacting with the art.

ChallengeHalf: For my Juicy Ice project I focused more upon the aesthetic properties of my product. Again, I relied upon the viewer’s assumed experience with the elements I was trying to elicit; the peeling of an orange, the sound of ice cubes dropping in a cup, the crisp refreshing first gulp one takes when they are thirsty. These aesthetics were meant to viscerally transport the individual to a positively valanced emotional state commonly associated with easily peeling an orange and dropping ice cubes in a glass.

Challenge1: Where the previous challenges utilized emotion as a secondary response from either aesthetic or meaning, Free Brownies, attempts to explore them more directly. The very nature of the poster is meant to safely and quaintly bring about a pseudo-seductive form of fear. It’s the side of fear that we explore through cinema and haunted houses; the kind that gives us that little buzz down the spines of our backs. Simultaneously, the mysteriously information-less poster was supposed to bring about intrigue and curiosity, the central features of participating in a room escape.

Challenge2: Lastly, Age is Just a Number, relied upon the intrinsic meaning that was designed into the the plot of the series. The plot was loosely modeled around my parents and my budding contempt for a society that is engineered to ignore, belittle, and actually (through an infection of their own prejudices) negatively impact the morbidity and mortality of our older populations. Whether this was clear to the audience or not is debatable, but the intrinsic meaning in the plot was purposeful in crafting a genuine offer to the American audience, hopefully one that is found to be desirable.

WhatIveGot: F.P. Journey: My post of F.P. Journey was meant to highlight a company that designs for meaning through their attention to detail and appreciation for the aesthetic experience. By sculpting every last mechanical piece and toning for every vibration, this company is able to provide a sense of timelessness at a competitive cost. Their efficiency is perceived as wit rather than laziness as the final product clearly demonstrates a craft in its prime.