by post_author

I think that Apple has done remarkable things in terms of creating desirable products. The iPhone has become one of the most ubiquitous items for millennium. The iPhone has now reached a point where it has become the standard of “cellphone” and essentially revolutionized the smart phone market. When iPhones first came out, only 270,000 were sold in their first quarter of 2007. In just this past quarter (Q1 2015), 74.50 million were sold. This kind of reach and growth is incredible. I believe one would be hard-pressed to find another product that has singularly found such levels of success. Apple’s commitment to aesthetic appeal, uniformity, selective customization, and constant improvement has kept the iPhone successful. Groups of friends all have iPhones and can share messages without charges, photo albums, and more. Mobile apps have even further proliferated the iPhone. The iPhone is arguablynow a part of our social experience.

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