by post_author


“Women in the Valley” is a short movie based on the real life of women working in the Silicon Valley. While Silicon Valley is a man-dominated place, women is hard to build their voices. They are queried about plan of having a baby, assessing their availability or commitment for medium-term projects. At a business meeting, men aren’t directing the hard questions to women, even though she is the CEO..

The starring character is called Mary (potentially invite Marissa Mayer to act in it). She is super smart and capable but she felt struggling to build her voice like other women. She was frustrated and went back home for a wine. She felt asleep. When she woke up, she surprisingly found out herself in a physical appearance of a man. “He” is ambitious and talented, so “he” got promoted easily and everyone listens to him. But she met a lot of ladies who suffered the same situations like her before. He tried to help and prove that women are equally good as him. But he doesn’t earn much credibility because he is a guy. He is disappointed and fell asleep. And when he woke up, everything turned out to be a dream…

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